Our Process

From Initial Design Concept to Reality – Annexe Spaces will deliver

At Annexe Spaces, we prides ourselves in offering a smooth and transparent experience, whilst maintaining maximum flexibility, both in terms of creating and delivering a design that suits your needs and budget. We strive to ensure we provide as much clear and accurate information as possible to all our clients, through every step of the iterative design phase and through to the actual build itself.

No two conceptual design briefs are the same, and thus no finished projects look and feel exactly the same. Rest assured, Annexe Spaces is here to help from the initial idea, through to the completion of your vision and dream.

Design and Costing Phase

Initial Designs:

Your unique Annexe Spaces project starts in your mind, with an idea of how you and your family can really enjoy the extra space. 

Exploring and Investigation:

Why not take advantage of the free Gallery page where you can delve into recent and past projects Annexe Spaces has delivered. This is a great opportunity to potentially enhance your initial vision by seeing the different buildings and variety of finishes Annexe Spaces has already delivered to their plethora of happy customers. 

Move forward with Confidence:

We fully appreciate the commitment each client makes, and for that reason we ask you not to take our word but trust our previous clients by checking the plethora of positive independent Reviews (link) our existing clients have posted. 

Our Pricing tab is an invaluable tool in the initial stages of idea development. We have spent a lot of time researching what our clients would like to see on our website, and have put together a very comprehensive and transparent list of costs for your potential projects. We are proud of having no hidden costs, and strongly believe that by going through this step you can move comfortably and confidently forward to contacting us. 

Developing your Dream with our Assistance:

Once you have formed an initial vision of your project with the help of our tools on the website allow us to help you develop your dream further by Contacting Us. One of our dedicated and experienced Designers will contact you, via email and phone, within 48 hours of your enquiry. 

As we are one of the very few companies who can deliver a tailored solution project, our designers spend a lot of time behind the scenes to ensure that all your needs are catered for. It is during the initial contact stage that each client has the opportunity to discuss with the Designer their vision for additional quality space, and to check overall project viability. 

Our designers are here to listen to your needs but also provide help and advice from the experience gained over the years. 

Following the initial contact, our designers may provide an initial detailed indicative quotation, and provide a 3D animation video of your potential design within about 48 hours. This is a great opportunity not only to see your potential dream project but also a chance to add different items which would have been carefully selected by our designers, and shown as potential upgrades on our industry leading order form.

Free Onsite Consultation:

Following the initial contact, and further review of the initial viability, design and costs with your personal designer, you can book a free onsite consultation with the same designer at a time convenient to you. 

We are very keen to provide continuity throughout the process, so we strive to ensure the same designer is part of your project from initial contact through to the delivery of your building. 

It is at this stage that you can further discuss the viability of each part of your project with your designer. This also provides an opportunity for us to measure the site and ensure that we cost projects accurately and ensure our drive to provide accurate and transparent information is continued. 

Following the onsite consultation, your Annexe Spaces designer will aim to provide a detailed quotation within 48 hours of the consultation. This will offer the benefit of our experience – including considered extras and upgrades which would have been suggested and discussed on site during your consultation. 

Our order forms are industry leading providing very clear and detailed information about the items included in the projects as well as carefully selected and discussed potential upgrades which will help enhance your final experience in your Annexe Spaces room. Our order forms have been created with you in mind to ensure that you are absolutely confident about the project.

Final Order Form:

Your final order form will also include floor, electrics, site and boundary plans as well as fenestration photos further ensuring that what our fantastic build teams will deliver is what has been agreed upon. 

Each order form will be accompanied by our great Vimeo 3D animated videos giving a unique possibility of seeing your projects from different angles and making informed decisions. 

Tweak, or Commit:

If you would like to change the design or the specification of your project in any way, our designer is on hand and will work closely with you to arrive at the point where your vision is materialised. 

Delivering the Dream:

Once the design and specifications have been finalised it is time to allow our equally driven and dedicated administration and build teams to get involved and deliver your dream. 

The first step towards this is to accept the quote by paying our deposit fee of 25% of the total project value. You will receive a personalised email from our Director confirming the safe receipt of your deposit, as well as confirmation of your firm build start date. 

As we are very aware of the significant financial commitment, we have arranged for all our projects to be backed by HIP deposit guarantee, which should give you even more peace of mind that Annexe Spaces is the ‘Safest Pair of Hands’ in the business. As soon as the deposit is received, the HIP paperwork will be issued usually with a maximum of 48 hours.  

Avoiding any chance of Disappointment:

So, you have now paid your deposit, and we have booked your project into our build diary – what next?

As we strive to deliver truly ‘fit for purpose’ projects, we pay great attention to what the rooms intended purpose is, the location in the garden, and consider what else might contribute to the general enjoyment of your room. Some items have lengthy lead-times, so in order to avoid a “I wish I had this” situation, your Annexe Spaces Designer will contact you to suggest any upgrades which they think your project will benefit from in the longer term. As we get nearer the build start date we may put forward a few more suggestions, to make sure your space is as perfect as it can be.

Compliance Phase

Getting the necessary Approvals:

Once the design is agreed, we need to progress to getting the appropriate and necessary approvals. This process will be discussed with your Designer but please reference our Compliance page

Build and Delivery Phase

Building the dream:

Our professional build team will arrive on site on the first day specified. There is a lot happening behind the scenes to ensure your project runs smoothly, so please rest assured that all our teams have been fully briefed about the project through a number of internal meetings and discussions.  It is at this stage that the 45% stage payment is due. We advise all our clients to inspect the building at the end of each day. Internally all the team members are aware of the progress on site through regular phone and video calls and photos uploaded daily.

Build duration and site etiquette:

The average installation time for a medium annexe is 3 to 4 weeks but this will depend on the content and complexity of your build. You will have a dedicated team that will be working Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, unless otherwise agreed with you. Note: There may be the odd day when the team will not attend site for things for various reasons but you should be informed of this in advance to avoid surprises.

It is unavoidable that there will be some noise from machinery and tools, but our builders will not play loud music, shout to one another or disturb the peace of the neighbourhood in any other way. Any deliveries of materials should usually happen within our working hours.

Your Dream has become a reality:

Hopefully you will have noticed the speed and diligence with which our dedicated build team has worked, and have seen great progress over a few weeks now. It is now our last day on site and we will give you your keys to the building. It is at this stage that we advise a final inspection of the finished product. Once this is complete the final 30% stage payment is due.

You can now move in, and start to enjoy your new top of the range Annexe Spaces room. 

We care about your investment:

The build is complete and hopefully we have delivered a fantastic project that has surpassed your high expectations. At Annexe Spaces we do not stop there. You remain a valued Annexe Spaces client, and as a result we have a specific department who are on hand to deliver a great after sales service should you require any assistance post build. If there is any issue with your build someone will get back to you within 48 hours and deal with your enquiry effectively, professionally and sympathetically. 

Whatever your specific needs, rest assured Annexe Spaces will deliver from the first step to the last… and well beyond.