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The materials we use are clearly fundamental to the quality we not only deliver by guarantee. We work with only the highest grade materials that have been tried and tested for durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics and functionality. We offer a wide range of products ensuring you can create a truly bespoke annexe that fits your vison and your purse.


Our annexes are built using precision engineered SIPs (structured insulated panels). Each panel consists of an insulating layer of rigid polyurethane sandwiched between two layers of oriented strand board (OSB), with flanges that slot into the neighbouring panel, ensuring speedy construction with no cold bridging. SIPs provide immense structural rigidity, similar to that of an I-beam or I-column and effectively combine several components of conventional building, such as joists, insulation, vapour barrier and air barrier. SIPs command very low u values which gives you an exceptionally thermally efficient home, which in turn minimises your energy bills.

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The foundations (and roof) are arguably the most important elements of your build. If needed, we will carry out ground clearance and install retaining-walls, prior to commencing your build. We use innovative galvanised steel screw pile foundations but if these are unsuitable, due to ground conditions, we will use an appropriate alternative such as a reinforced concrete slab. Screw pile foundations are fast to install with minimal excavation meaning, minimal cost and upheaval to you. Crucially they cause minimal disruption to surrounding structures such as wall foundations and root systems, so you can retain established trees and shrubs. 


Heat from any home escapes upwards, through the roof. Our roofs whether mono (flat) or duo (pitched) are constructed with SIPs (structured insulated panels) ensuring minimal heat loss in this way. Our mono roofs are covered with a single sheet of durable EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), backed by the manufacturer's (Firestone) 20-year warranty or, in the case of the duo, battened and tiled. For mono builds, many clients choose to have a living sedum roof. It looks fabulous, boost the ecology of your plot and assists in noise reduction, insulation and rain water management.

Glazing - Windows and Doors

We get very excited by the endless glazing options you can incorporate into your bespoke new annexe. Our energy-efficient glass is argon filled with Planitherm+ technology. It is designed to reduce the loss of heat through your windows while also capitalising on the free energy from the sun for optimum balance. Your glazing can come in the form; tall fixed panels, bespoke sized windows, discreet privacy windows, bi-folding, sliding or French doors and even ceiling lights and light wells. The frames can be uPVC or powder coated aluminium all RAL colour coded to your choice.


Flooring truly characterises a room which is why we offer a wide range of finishes and ultimately can install whatever you desire. You may choose to have the same flooring running through your entire annexe or opt for different flooring in each rooms. We supply high grade v-groove laminate in a number of wood and colour effects or tactile engineered oak. You may wish for carpet in your bedroom and a special non-slip waterproof flooring in your ensuite. Underfloor heating with touch screen thermostatic control is a popular addition suitable with most of our floors.

External Finish

Having designed your perfect layout it is vital you love the look of your newly installed annexe. We offer a wide range of stunning exterior finishes that can blend with or standout from its surroundings, depending on your preference. Our most loved exterior has proven to be the enduring western red cedar cladding, with its warm golden brown tones that sit beautifully in any garden. Another versatile finish is our polymer render which is available in a range of colours to complements both modern and traditional buildings. Stone cladding is also popular giving a textured natural stone façade.

Fixtures and Fittings

Whether your annexe is ostensibly an office with additional bedroom space for overnight guests or, a permanent residence for your teenager or elderly parent, it needs to be built to last. We take extreme care in sourcing and expertly installing high grade, stylish fixtures and fittings. You, of course, have as much or as little say in the fixtures and fittings as you choose and we are happy to advise on tried and tested options whether it be your light switch, dishwasher or shower pump. Moreover, your annexe comes with a comprehensive guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Internal Décor

Are your walls zesty green or French Gray, Electric Blue or Wimborne White? Everyone's taste and style differs (thank goodness!) which is why we take your lead on the internal finish. We simply want to create your perfect annexe space, the walls ceiling and skirting colour being fundamental to that. We can also apply eye catching wall murals such as dramatic landscapes or world maps. You may wish to furnish your annexe before deciding on colours in which case we can decorate to a finished standard throughout with neutral tones leaving you to decide on accents, in slow time.