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Mono - Annexe - Guildford

Client Name:

Mr and Mrs Baines




Helix 7x4


Mr and Mrs Baines came to us looking for a studio in which Mrs Baines could fulfil her artistic needs. The studio would need to be big enough for large canvasses, with as much natural light as possible.
They requested large doors to enable easy access but which could also open up the front of the studio in summer blending the lines between indoors and outdoors. A small kitchenette unit would also be need consisting of some storage and a sink which could be used to wash not only hands but brushes and pots. We would consider all this at the design stage of the project.
At the site survey we noted that the ground was uneven and would need levelling off and a retaining wall created towards the rear of the site. This is a part of the project we can undertake as an optional extra, ideally we would like a clear and level site before we arrive but this is not always possible and our installation teams are very experienced at creating the perfect site for a studio to sit on.

Our Solution

At Garden Spaces we have created many studios for artists and are very experienced at meeting their requirements whether it be lots of space, lots of light or something with plenty of privacy so we had great confidence we could design the perfect studio for Mrs Baines. Our installation team dug out the area on which the studio would sit and build a retaining wall to hold back the soil and plants towards the rear of the studio. To allow as much natural light into the studio large sliding doors were installed on the front facade of the studio. These provide a very large opening allowing very easy access into the studio, and on warm days can be opened up for easy transition from inside to outside blending the two environments. A large Balau hardwood decked area was requested providing a large outdoor area which could be used for painting but also entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. The dark colour of the wood blends nicely with the dark wood floor inside the studio. As well as the large windows, two sun tubes were installed providing natural light from overhead reducing the number of lights needed. A very elegant solution. Mr and Mrs Baines had a small sink and cabinets ready for us to install which our team connected to the water supply. The waste water runs to a soakaway below the decked area. To add to the security of the building, the external downlights are connected to a PIR sensor allowing them to detect an approaching person and turning on automatically. It looks fantastic at dusk, as we think you'll agree from the photographs. To ensure the studio is warm enough in winter, a wall mounted convector heater was installed which means this studio is perfectly usable all year round. As a finishing touch the cladding which we normally mount vertically, was changed to horizontally making this a more unique and striking building.