At times getting the necessary approvals can be challenging but with many years of experience, Annexe Spaces pride ourselves in handling these applications effectively and efficiently.  

We have had to overcome many hurdles such as getting Planning Permission within the curtilage of listed buildings, Lawful Development Certification (LDC) under the Caravan Act, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), conservations areas, and much more besides.

We have a very high success rate on compliance applications – well in excess of 95% in fact.

Planning Permission and Lawful Development Certifications (LDC) – a dual pronged approach to compliance

At Annexe Spaces, we offer a parallel approach (if desired) with a view to getting approval for your Annexe. In parallel, we can apply for both full Planning Permission, and also a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) under the Caravan Act. We believe this approach gives you the very best chance of a positive outcome in your need for additional quality living space.

Note: All of our structures are built to the same very high standard, and are all Building Control compliant in all areas. We provide the highest level of quality, thermal performance and can thus boast the lowest energy consumption available on the market today. An energy efficient place to really call ‘Home’.

The benefit of getting dual approval is potentially significant in terms of VAT reductions/savings. If build under LDC, these savings can be between 15 to 20%, depending on the level of VAT inclusive content.

Note: Generally the building itself is VAT exempt, apart from a few VAT chargeable items. These include things such as service connections (electricity, water & waste), foundations and any groundworks, other site related costs and some potentially removeable content from the Annexe such as kitchen appliances.

Please also note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to get LDC for a flat, or any situation where permitted development rights are removed, or exhausted.

Our experienced team of Designers, ably supported by our planning experts, create sympathetic yet contemporary cutting-edge designs, that will offer the very best chance of success, whilst being sympathetic to your property and maintaining the correct balance.

We utilise a specialist planning consultant for all of our Planning and LDC applications, with their many years of experience in our specific sector. This gives us the very best chance for a positive outcome.

Planning Permission – our approach

In our experience, it has become more acceptable to facilitate adding comfortable, warm and flexible accommodation for people’s ‘nearest and dearest’, in a location where everyone involved get their own privacy but also the convenience and accessibility of being just down the bottom of the garden. 

As long as a few boxes are ticked, regards the non-feasibility of new structure being turned into a separate dwelling that can be sold off in future (so without separate access and parking), then these applications are generally viewed favourably. In light of the recent pandemic (issues at nursing homes) and with a shift in attitudes regards social care, these applications are generally considered in a very positive socially beneficial light.

Caravan Act – the rules

If built under the Caravan Act, and contains a bathroom and kitchenette, the structure attracts zero percent VAT, and can be as large as 20m x 6.8m – a spacious 3-bedroom family home, or with clever design perhaps even more. There is an internal height restriction of 3.05m (just over 10 feet), so still a very light, bright and airy space.

Building control – a smooth process

Annexe Spaces work closely with an external corporate approved Building Control specialist, and relevant engineers, to provide a design that will meet, and in many cases surpass, all current legal requirements. 

As we effectively utilise an in-house approval process, and not the local authority, many common elements and materials we incorporate have type approval, so the process is as quick and seamless as possible.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Often our Annexes are positioned in the area of influence, or close to trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). With the support from a professional arboriculturist, we can create site plans and method statements to satisfy the planning authorities in most cases. Our unique build process, and standard foundation systems, are sympathetic to all tree roots systems, and are actually favoured by tree specialists.